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Bed.160 is a model dedicated to children in preschool and school age. It can grow with a child. Its subtle organic shape and natural components build atmosphere of harmony in the nursery.

Its subtle organic shape and natural components build atmosphere of harmony in the nursery.

We create a perfect design inspired by the softness of nature, we teach children sensitivity and open them to the world of nature.

Materials: sycamore wood, origin: Bieszczady

Impregnation: completely natural linseed oil, vegetable waxes and bee wax

Set: bed (elements to make + screws) coconut fibre and sheep wool eco-mattress with a linseed cover, cotton rope

Colour:: naturally golden wood, whitewashed, dove grey *

Parameters: width 90cm x height 50cm x length 166cm, mattress: 80x160cm

Bed.160 is designed to be used by children from three to fifteen years old, and even longer. During its usage, we can buy / replace long elements of the bed and add a piece of the mattress to change the bed from 160cm length to a 180 or 200cm length.

Because of changing - parameters – system, Łóżko.160 is a piece of furniture that grows with your child and is designed also for next life stages.

The bed is made of 100% natural materials, which are only subjected to a subtle processing that allows us to maintain the natural character of wood. Thanks to that, the ecological standard is complied with during the entire production process, and the wood remains alive.All elements of the set are made of organic materials – thanks to which a child has contact only with components that can be found in nature from first moments of his/her life.

Our furniture is made with the use of traditional manual processing techniques, which guarantee to give a perfect quality and an individual character to each piece. This is how they become unique pieces of art that are created as a result of cooperation between the nature and a carpenter…

Children raised in them are wonderful!
As wonderful as you have only read about in fairy tales…

Shipment: Orders are fulfilled within 6-8 weeks

* The wax colour should be indicated in the order comment section



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