GreenBoy is a family company which emerged as an individual brand of the Regional Architecture Laboratory design workshop established in 2007 by an architect, Stanislaw Bielawka. It is result of a search for forms inspired by the Carpathian nature, which in this case, are embodied in truly natural furniture made of completely organic components. The GreenBoy brand was born out of longing for nature and children’s dreams, which are becoming true through the creation of beautiful and useful things.


The starting point of our designs is the nature of Bieszczady. Its beauty is the source of soft shapes of our furniture and its unique character. At the same time, we try to maintain a timeless and fresh style thanks to which our furniture is versatile and matches all interiors, even the minimalistic ones.


We want our furniture to be friendly to its users, whether they are one hundred or zero years old. That is why we pay special attention to maintaining the natural character of materials and components used on all stages of production. We use only the best and fully natural waxes and vegetable oils to impregnate the wood.


Our furniture is fully natural – we make it of organic resources, only from wood from the cleanest polish forests. Here in Bieszczady Mountains grow the greatest firs, sycamores, beeches, hornbeams…From its wood we make our furniture, carefully compiling all elements, one by one.


COMPONENTS All our products are made of completely natural raw materials, which we find on a local market. We use wood from Bieszczady, Polish linum, natural cotton and a wide range of natural waxes and vegetable oils in our production process. We care about maintenance of the highest standards at every stage of production. We want our products to be beautiful and user friendly. We want them to be a substitute of natural environment in each house, whether it is an urban skyscraper or a rural cottage.


The GreenBoy furniture is produced in our joiner’s shop in the Komańcza Commune in Bieszczady. We use both traditional and modern technologies in the production process. At the same time, we are careful at every stage of it so that our furniture does not lose any of its natural character – the wood used must maintain its original and pure form.

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