Terms of order


•We deliver to Poland and EU

•The products are delivered by following courier firms: UPS, DHL or Raben – depending on the product’s weight

• In case of ordering more that one product – delivery may be divided into parts

•The costs of delivery to Poland:
-shipment’s weight to 5 kg - 4 € /UPS, DHL
-shipment’s weight from 6 to 35 kg – 15 € /UPS, DHL
-shipment‘ s weight over 36 kg – 50 € /Raben

•The costs of delivery to other countries in EU:
-shipment’s weight to 6 kg – 50 € /UPS, DHL
-shipment’s weight from 7  to 35 kg – 100 € /UPS, DHL

•The cost of delivery is always provided when you are making an order

•Waiting time for orders is up to 3-6 weeks

•Shipments are delivered in biodegradable high quality boxes (5- layers cardboard)


Payments are made through on-line transfer (Shoplo payment system) or bank transfer

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